Welcome to Egerton Roofing

Egerton Roofing is the quality roofing services provider in Bolton/North West.

We are a professional roofing company and have over 28 years of experience. We possess the experience and skill to do the job in a perfect manner and believe that your roof is an important asset to your home. Egerton Roofing specializes in all types of domestic and commercial roofing, scaffolding, slating and tiling.

We have our own scaffolding division, which means that work can be executed more speedily, as we can control the time and date as to when the scaffolding can be erected and dismantled in a safe manner. Egerton Roofing has earned the trust of the people in Bolton/north west and has become a very reliable roofing contractor. Our family-run business is built on hard work and due diligence of its work force. Our helping knowledgeable attitude and professionalism is what makes us popular roof contractors in our region.

All members of the work force of Egerton are qualified, skilled and experienced. We hire, train and groom our employees to get best out of them. Our young apprentices attend various specialization courses to obtain the relevant qualifications. This makes Egerton Roofing the experienced and qualified roofing provider. We adhere to health and safety guidelines and treat all the homes we work on with respect.

If you want to install a new roofing system on your building or want to repair the existing roofing of your home, then the Egerton Roofing team are available for you with expert professionalism and only use quality materials. Please take a look at our roofing services and request a free quotation or give us a call.